On Vacation / Till Bronner & Bob James

  This album is much better than I expected. 🙂 I thought it would be Jazz, but in fact it’s AOR/Fusion. It surprised me and brought happiness here.

  Probably nowadays we have to call it as “Smooth Jazz” or like so, but feel much traditional memes of AOR/Fusion. And it would stand near POPs high quality.

  Space, room, empty or interval — I really don’t know how we should call exactly, but there is beautiful “rest” between notes playing by 2 soloists. Probably it can take by only older great players.
  Rich and Relax, Bright and Transparent, fine combination of Trumpet and Piano/Rhodes. Even synthesizers Mr.James playing, made me glad.
(Mr.H.Mason takes good backing play in calm mood)

  When I found extra-grade arrangement during album, after seeing a booklet, knew Mr.James did it. (It is same experience when hearing Karen Carpenter’s solo album) This is really a magic, in the future I’d like to understand the secret, I wish.

  Meanwhile, Were these vacation photos taken in Sicily Italy? I found 2 god fathers. Oh, you? 🙂

  “On Vacation” must be heard by good listeners more! Excellent album.