Other practical points

  To make a song with an oversea lyricist, we have to decide how we proceed the work practically.

  After agreeing a main concept (idea), it starts like this:

(1) A lyricist writes lyrics at first, then a composer makes a whole music.

(2) A composer makes a music (melody) at first, then a lyricist writes lyrics. After that, a composer(arranger) makes a whole music.

  In Japanese music producting scenes, (2) is popular method. I heard it is same in USA, too.

  However, (2) gives much working to a lyricist. And this time, lyrics is very important. Therefore, we may take (1) method.
(I know rhyme is very difficult to make, Japanese lyrics has no rhyme except rap etc)

  Probably, after a lyricist makes the first verse, a composer should receive it and make a music for the moment. Then we can share the image and feeling of the song.

  And frankly speaking, I must remember a biggest matter of the project — it is a reward. Can I pay enough reward for the world-famous lyricist? Oh, I should know the answer. 🙂

  Like this, there are many critical points in the project. If we take a human vocalist, it costs too. (and there is a difficulty of singing management, if she(he) is a native speaker. Really can she(he) take a best singing for a great lyrics? Would you have a time for advice to a singer?)

  This is a difficult project to make succeed after all. Should we continue it? I would like to ask the sirs to think about it carefully with enough time.

From a stray-sheep composer, in the field of December.