Thinking about a song project

  I’m always ready to compose. But to start new project with great lyricists, we have to think about how we start and proceed this creative project(s).

  Probably it is best way for us to set a main concept of the song at first.

1) I would like to make a song for persons in front of the net. They may be lonely or happy. There are many people.

2) A.C.Clarke showed us “One World” connecting with world network in his book “How the World Was One”. However, he is really optimist, he didn’t see the dark side of the One World.
  Great Cyberpunk authors prophesied it correctly, didn’t they? 🙂

3) Computer network may break the world if the one uses it with evil mind. But I’d like to believe honest mind of the people. It would help us after all.

4) With these warm mind and idea, I would like to make a fantastic new song in this world-wide project. Any Questions? 🙂

  We have to decide many things to proceed the project, but it should be done later.

  And I am really sorry — I got some phrases and a melody already. Wao. How can I stop it?

  This is first idea, It is a ballad. I can imagine many patterns of arrangement. (like ’70 Rock, Carpenters-Pops, Orchestral, Smooth Jazz contemporary, RnB or Progressive Rock? Santana, Doobie Brothers?)

(verse 1)
When I put out (the) words to electric grid
Through thousand of the black little chips,
They may reach to you instead
Could you receive raps?

(verse 2 — no idea)

I’m standing in the rain,
you’re smiling on a whelp

  I know this is terrible lyrics, and rhyme is not good. It is too difficult to make it for one Japanese with poor English! This is simply a base idea.

  And more practical ideas,

5) How do you think about singing this song by a Vocaloid? It can sing English song, of course. Do Cyberpunks like it?

6) Finally, it would be good idea to release this song as “Freemium”, I think. Many people do listen it. Freely copy, but we have copyrights.

  Today, this is all. Have a good weekend, sirs.

From a super composer, in a cold fine day in Nagoya.