Ice lake studio

  Seeing Mr.Coffee Cup’s studio life. You are a legend of music, I thank for your great Masterpieces. It would be same opinion of composers and musicians all over the world.

  You are really perfect, then I’d like to suspect possibility of your weak point. 🙂 I enjoyed Christmas live videos at your home studio, they are some vocal numbers playing with your family and kind musicians.
  But in one number, vocal microphone didn’t have a compressor. Then I thought — Mr.CC may have not enough experiences for vocal numbers especially POP song. Oh, it is too bad. I thought about wishing you for new challenge for POPs.

  But I was absolutely wrong. You posted a perfect vocal tune with your premier singer. It is awesome one, you are also GURU of POP music.
  OK, wait. But probably you are not familiar with Country music, right? 🙂

  I wish you make wonderful music also from now on. Your studio is really great. Thanks for reading.

from a composer in a bedroom studio.
Best regards.