Throw a stone into a river

  After starting my music production work, I become to believe “EN” of human world. “EN” means a collaboration of one person with other one, meeting and relation.
  If we have a good “EN”, something a special matter appears. But we have no “EN”, nothing happens, only passing by.
  Both of them are equal, not special, just natural. Life goes on like a river.

  If you hope to change of this flow, you should throw a stone into a river. Then “EN” will turn to good way.
  Every great author knows the importance of words, isn’t it? 🙂 Just drop words, “I need your music”, then one composer would be delighted. It is needed to make a good music. Please try to do it. You are a special person, have a huge influence, please remember it.

  Dreaming a good collaboration with you.